Apricots and the Queen
Jul 2012 11

I stumbled into ‘Playing for Keeps’ a week after my ‘Bike Host’ partner in crime Debby emailed me about the opportunity. It had been an exhaustive few months, and I almost didnt signup.

Glad I did, eventually.  Met some amazing people, learnt about the importance of allegiance to the Queen and of one’s credit history. Ofcourse there was the usual event management and leadership training from some of the most wonderful people during my brief time in TO.

On the second last day of the training as I walked past St. Lawrance Market, I caught myself glancing around looking for ‘fresh’ apricots. Plucked right from the tree, she had said. The grapevine is that if you pluck fresh fruit yourself, it tastes different. Tastes better. Ive seen people radiate with love for their own, pets and this one one time for six cheese ravioli. But never when they speak about apricots. Note to self: puck fruit and eat.

The people at George Brown and TCF did a marvelous job over a period of almost eight months (i think) in bringing together several stakeholders for this initiative. It is an ambitious and a well needed program.  Unlike several other initiatives Ive see that claim to bring communities together, this has a serious shot at bridging the gap.  Many thanks to the George Brown volunteers, cant remember their names.  Senile.

And if everything goes as planned, I will be playing street hockey and getting beat up real soon.

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