What is a Story?
Jun 2015 28

Everyone has an important story to share. In a modern world, many people think the only stories that matter are the ones we see on TV in the movies. But our lives and the meaning we make of them should be shared for our own sake, and for others. We believe that the experiences of immigrants are a key part of this nation’s bigger story. After all, we are a “nation of immigrants.” 

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My passage to Canada | via Medium
Jun 2015 06

When I sat down to write a story about my storytelling journey, I wondered why I even wanted to do that in the first place. I had certainly enjoyed telling stories over the past decade. So why do I even need to tell my story?

The trouble about thinking that far back, reaching into that crevice is that it invariably reminds me of the odds I have beaten to be where I am today. In that sense, it is not so different from many stories out there as we all go through a kaleidoscope of personal, professional and emotional changes, ups and downs in life. I thus realized I had a story similar to any out there. It is a story that has lead me through thick and thin.

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The newcomer experience paradigm
Mar 2015 16

What makes you a “real” Canadian?

For some immigrants, at least, it might be the ability to actually enjoy a frigid Canadian winter, with traditional activities like skating, skiing, tobogganing, curling and making maple syrup. But how is a newcomer supposed to learn these skills?

The “Wintegration Club,” a program run by CultureLink immigrant services, offers one answer: immersion experiences in a Canada even many native-born urban Canadians may not know much about.”

The first couple of paragraphs of this Toronto Star article was all it took to transport me back to my not-so-distant past where I indeed benefited from programs by agencies like CultureLink. ‘Wintegration‘ is such an initiative encouraging a new immigrant to begin a journey towards grasping the centrality of enjoying snow in a truly Canadian way.  It is my subsequent cross-platform work with some of the most diverse agencies of Toronto, which impressed upon me the need for such programs. Especially vis-à-vis ‘Wintegration’, as many long terms residents may not be fully aware of the ‘winter experience’ which prepares a new immigrant for the cold, yet fun and snow filled winters to come.

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DIY Lens Hood
Mar 2015 02

DIY Lens Hood

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Lens hoods are annoying to lose and even more annoying to replace. For a bit of plastic, they can range from $20, to even $600 (Canon lens hood for the EF-600mm IS USM lens). What if I told you that you can make your own lens hood for less than $5 and in less than 15 minutes?


This is a short but nifty tutorial from Lens Hoods. This site offers lots of free printable lens hoods for various cameras and models.

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