Investigative travelogue: TravElection

One fine night around 3:00 am after my shift as a Bulletin Producer, I was half way through my third packet of Bensons when my phone rang. I would’ve ignored it had it not been the ‘Bittery Sweet Symphony’ ring tone.

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UN and Women health

Azfar Rizvi is part of the project launched at the historic 2010 Women Deliver conference in Washington, DC and officially launched on Septembr 16, 2010 to coincide with activities leading up to the MDG Summit in New York City.

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Breakfast at Dawn

Using my morning show anchoring and producing skills, I launched Pakistan’s first English language morning show in 2007. ‘Breakfast at Dawn’ was a live two hour show aimed at setting the news agenda of the day.

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Documentary series: Hope Floats

Documentary: Hope Floats
Director: Azfar Rizvi
Writer: Azfar Rizvi
Presenter: Azfar Rizvi
Language: English | Urdu
Release: 2005
Duration: 40 min x 4
Media: Asia


On 8 October 2005 Pakistan was struck by the most devastating earthquake in its history. Affecting an area of some 30,000 sq. km, largely in Azad Kashmir and the North-West Frontier Province, it caused over 73,000 deaths, left many more people seriously injured, and destroyed homes, schools, hospitals and infrastructure on a massive scale.

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