Harp in the busy subway
Mar 2012 06

It’s been crazy.

Between my university sessions, the documentary and the ‘search’, I havent had time to breath. But I was reminded of the simpler things again last week when I stumbled across the harp musician again on the subway.

Liang C  Lin is a frequent occurrence on Toronto’s street music and subway canvas. He’s a great musician and you should consider engaging his services for your events.

I was out shooting with Paris looking for shot that would compliment our script. Some might say it is unconventional, I just think filmmaking is an organic process. Why be a stickler for a technique when you can produce something by following your instinct. We were out on a fairly simple track and I was now searching for instance I could steal from public and lend to our film. That is when I heard the harp and felt drawn to it.

I started recoding what he was playing when a boy walked up as asked him if he could play the happy birthday tune. He wanted to record Liang’s happy birthday tune on his camera to send it to his girlfriend. Lian decided to give it a shot but asked for a few minutes to prepare. Watch the video to see how it came out.


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