5 Reasons Content is the New Currency
May 2013 27

We are now entrenched fully in the era of the sharing economy. This sharing is on two fronts. One is the sharing of things or services courtesy of an array of technologies or facilities. The other front is the information packaged and presented as content: thought leadership, entertainment, utility, or whatever else allows us to begin and continue conversation among a group of people with whom wish to engage.

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Making ‘Contact’ with your stakeholders!
Mar 2013 27

Good contact can help not just your organization but also your customers. This is the way I see it, rather appropriately communicated here.

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Communications Strategy For the Development Operation
Jan 2013 19

If a nonprofit organization wants to maximize its contributed income it needs a coherent, executable development plan, and that plan must have a viable communications strategy.

What we’ll be talking about here is not an organization’s overall communications strategy – how and what it does to present itself to the public at large.

Rather we’re talking about an organization’s development communications strategy—how and what it does to communicate its fundraising needs and efforts to donors, prospects, and those able to influence them.

The Context of a Development Communications Strategy

A development communications strategy starts with the organization’s overall communications plan. Whatever is done to communicate, as part of the fundraising effort, must be done in the context of how the organization has decided to present itself to the public.

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