Preface to the Discourse

Staying completely off the grid for the past year, I just focused on working with indigenous projects. Or with local agencies. Those aware of my work, know I take it seriously. And that there is an intrinsic sense of discourse that ensues along the course of a project. This is one such manifestation.

The Discourse

Maybe Im still skeptic about my decision to work with Karen on the film. Maybe it’s just the fear of resurgence. Or maybe it’s just fear of  fear itself.

Or maybe it’s nothing.

I know with certainty that my venture into this project stems from this feeling of despair that had haunted me for a while.The past months have been specially difficult for pakistan and as i sat with Megan to talk about the possibilities of a film, I could feel how tentative it all was. She couldnt. Because she is a better person that i am . Optimistic. Energetic. While I am a man who had almost stopped believing that compassion is possible . There in lies my skepticism about life itself now. We’re now a nation that murders brothers and its public servants on the streets without remorse.

However it all changed when i met Karen.

As I shared my vision for the film with her, it quickly dawned on me that my skepticism was ill-founded. Atleast about the resurgence. This was a woman who understood the message I wanted to share with the world and was willing to go the distance. She listened intently and while Amin and I bounced off ideas, she chipped in. Madeeha kept clicking . Megan sipped her juice.

I left a rejuvenated man.

WIP photography by : Madeeha Syed

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