Secret patent war: Apple vs. Samsung case kept under seal
Dec 2011 03

The biggest legal battle for the technology industry is playing out in a federal court in Silicon Valley, where Apple is trying to stop Samsung from selling Galaxy phones and tablets in the United States.

In the lawsuit, filed in April, Apple (AAPL-Q394.955.251.35%) accuses Samsung of “slavishly” ripping off its designs for the iPad and iPhone. Although there is worldwide interest in the case, the proceedings have largely been shrouded behind a veil of secrecy: Most of the court papers are sealed, meaning they can’t be viewed by the public.

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Ontario Child Benefit easing Child poverty in Ontario
Dec 2011 05

The Star reports:

A 2009 decision to boost the Ontario Child Benefit to cushion struggling families during the recession helped pull 19,000 children out of poverty, advocates say in a new report on the province’s anti-poverty efforts.

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What lies beneath: Tapping geothermal heat in Montreal
Dec 2011 06

Next spring, a 35-storey mixed-use office tower and condo project will be built at the mouth of the Quartier-International district of Montreal. From the outside, the Altoria will glisten like other glass towers in Toronto and Vancouver – but what lies below its foundation will help define the next generation of urban offices.

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Opinions: Canada dumps Kyoto
Jan 2012 12


  • Canada becomes first nation to renounce protocol against global warming
  • Country was not on track to meet greenhouse gas targets and faced $14bn in penalties
  • Kyoto Protocol expires at the end of 2012 and new treaty is expected to be drawn up by 2015
  • Agreement signed in 1997 did not include U.S. or China
  • Critics accuse government of ‘abdicating international obligations’


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