Diversity in Sports
Aug 2012 04

Integration is a task of nowadays societies. Very often difficulties of immigration for the society are highlighted. Since organised sport reaches a plurality of people and is a preferred activity of immigrants, it is especially confronted with questions of integration.

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The newcomer experience paradigm
Mar 2015 16

What makes you a “real” Canadian?

For some immigrants, at least, it might be the ability to actually enjoy a frigid Canadian winter, with traditional activities like skating, skiing, tobogganing, curling and making maple syrup. But how is a newcomer supposed to learn these skills?

The “Wintegration Club,” a program run by CultureLink immigrant services, offers one answer: immersion experiences in a Canada even many native-born urban Canadians may not know much about.”

The first couple of paragraphs of this Toronto Star article was all it took to transport me back to my not-so-distant past where I indeed benefited from programs by agencies like CultureLink. ‘Wintegration‘ is such an initiative encouraging a new immigrant to begin a journey towards grasping the centrality of enjoying snow in a truly Canadian way.  It is my subsequent cross-platform work with some of the most diverse agencies of Toronto, which impressed upon me the need for such programs. Especially vis-à-vis ‘Wintegration’, as many long terms residents may not be fully aware of the ‘winter experience’ which prepares a new immigrant for the cold, yet fun and snow filled winters to come.

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My passage to Canada | via Medium
Jun 2015 06

When I sat down to write a story about my storytelling journey, I wondered why I even wanted to do that in the first place. I had certainly enjoyed telling stories over the past decade. So why do I even need to tell my story?

The trouble about thinking that far back, reaching into that crevice is that it invariably reminds me of the odds I have beaten to be where I am today. In that sense, it is not so different from many stories out there as we all go through a kaleidoscope of personal, professional and emotional changes, ups and downs in life. I thus realized I had a story similar to any out there. It is a story that has lead me through thick and thin.

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