The Stoning of Soraya M – Review
Apr 2011 17

In a dusty village in Iran, a man wants to be rid of his wife, Soraya, so he can marry his mistress (and avoid alimony). So, to cover up his own adulteries, he accuses his blameless spouse of infidelity.

Outraged, she tries to bring her own charges. The mayor informs her that different standards apply. Her husband can stand mute and be presumed blameless, but as a woman, she has to prove she didn’t do it.

“So, all women are guilty and all men are innocent,” her aunt Zahra bitterly observes.

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My Tehran for sale – Review
Oct 2011 11

GRANAZ MOUSSAVI is an Iranian/Australian, a celebrated poet in her country of birth, whose film MY TEHRAN FOR SALE was shot underground in Tehran for good reason because it focuses on the lives of young people in artistic circles whose activities fly in the face of the authorities.

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The newcomer experience paradigm
Mar 2015 16

What makes you a “real” Canadian?

For some immigrants, at least, it might be the ability to actually enjoy a frigid Canadian winter, with traditional activities like skating, skiing, tobogganing, curling and making maple syrup. But how is a newcomer supposed to learn these skills?

The “Wintegration Club,” a program run by CultureLink immigrant services, offers one answer: immersion experiences in a Canada even many native-born urban Canadians may not know much about.”

The first couple of paragraphs of this Toronto Star article was all it took to transport me back to my not-so-distant past where I indeed benefited from programs by agencies like CultureLink. ‘Wintegration‘ is such an initiative encouraging a new immigrant to begin a journey towards grasping the centrality of enjoying snow in a truly Canadian way.  It is my subsequent cross-platform work with some of the most diverse agencies of Toronto, which impressed upon me the need for such programs. Especially vis-à-vis ‘Wintegration’, as many long terms residents may not be fully aware of the ‘winter experience’ which prepares a new immigrant for the cold, yet fun and snow filled winters to come.

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