The Stoning of Soraya M – Review
Apr 2011 17

In a dusty village in Iran, a man wants to be rid of his wife, Soraya, so he can marry his mistress (and avoid alimony). So, to cover up his own adulteries, he accuses his blameless spouse of infidelity.

Outraged, she tries to bring her own charges. The mayor informs her that different standards apply. Her husband can stand mute and be presumed blameless, but as a woman, she has to prove she didn’t do it.

“So, all women are guilty and all men are innocent,” her aunt Zahra bitterly observes.

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“I Am” a film by Sonali Gulati
Jun 2011 05

After the screening, we had a chat with Sonali via Skype. She seemed happy and content. And she didn’t sound like a documentary filmmaker. She sounded like someone straight out of Enid Blyton’s ” The Magic Faraway Tree”.  Maybe from the land of  “I-shall-prevail”.

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My Tehran for sale – Review
Oct 2011 11

GRANAZ MOUSSAVI is an Iranian/Australian, a celebrated poet in her country of birth, whose film MY TEHRAN FOR SALE was shot underground in Tehran for good reason because it focuses on the lives of young people in artistic circles whose activities fly in the face of the authorities.

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Transmedia for Low Budget Filmmakers
Dec 2011 14

Today’s guest post is from Simon Pulman who writes an incredibly interesting and informative blog on transmedia: Transmythology.

To me transmedia is the future for independent film – and perhaps all film. It is already happening all around us – whether we realize it or not. I essentially backed into transmedia on Bomb It. We knew we were generating way more content than would fit in one feature. In 2005 – our thought was that we would ultimately make 6 features from the material! But we ended up producing a webseries for Babelgum which was became a transmedia extension of Bomb It – realized after the fact. This in turn led to Bomb It 2 which was conceived of as a webseries for Babelgum – but still ties into the Bomb It “brand”. There is no way that I would have done another graffiti feature this past year – but a web series was a much more manageable way to keep exploring the concept of Bomb It. Simon addresses these issues in his post that follows.

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