Rupert Murdoch on “The role of newspapers in the digital age”
Jun 2011 01

The past few days have been taken then the proverbial  wind out of the sails. Same old story. A lot of innocent lives being barbarically hunted by paranoia. Ive been preparing for the next pull. Came across this speech.  Interesting if you want to evaluate the man and his control over his empire.

I miss reading the classifieds.  And Obituaries.  Something about them is just very raw. And sometimes funny.  Trying to sift through the real deal, one can learn so much about society just be reading these two.

Adding a few interesting things i picked up. Just to lighten up the mood. The speech really makes for a good read.

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Revenge of the electric car
Mar 2012 06

The demise of the electric car was a universal shock. Of course if you didnt hear about it, your cave must be way off the 401. So what do you get when you document the resurgence of the evs now universally supported by the car industry, GM in particular? 90 minutes that fly by and appreciation for the determined. I was at the screening of  Chris Paine’s ‘Revenge of the electric car’ last week.  If you generally subscribe to the the notion of responsibility and benevolence, and can handle some of the harsh realities of life , this is a documentary you should. It’s a bonus if you like cars.

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The Three Little Pigs And The Future Of Journalism
Mar 2012 14

You remember the three little pigs, right? The ones who get chased by a huffing, puffing big, bad wolf?

You may recall that story ends when the wolf, unable to flatten the brick house, slides down the chimney, hoping to snatch the piggy brothers huddling inside. The third little pig, however, has placed a scalding pot of water at the chimney bottom, turning B.B. Wolf, alas, into Hairy Wolf Soup.

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The newcomer experience paradigm
Mar 2015 16

What makes you a “real” Canadian?

For some immigrants, at least, it might be the ability to actually enjoy a frigid Canadian winter, with traditional activities like skating, skiing, tobogganing, curling and making maple syrup. But how is a newcomer supposed to learn these skills?

The “Wintegration Club,” a program run by CultureLink immigrant services, offers one answer: immersion experiences in a Canada even many native-born urban Canadians may not know much about.”

The first couple of paragraphs of this Toronto Star article was all it took to transport me back to my not-so-distant past where I indeed benefited from programs by agencies like CultureLink. ‘Wintegration‘ is such an initiative encouraging a new immigrant to begin a journey towards grasping the centrality of enjoying snow in a truly Canadian way.  It is my subsequent cross-platform work with some of the most diverse agencies of Toronto, which impressed upon me the need for such programs. Especially vis-à-vis ‘Wintegration’, as many long terms residents may not be fully aware of the ‘winter experience’ which prepares a new immigrant for the cold, yet fun and snow filled winters to come.

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