The Pakistan Earthquake of October 2005: A Reminder of Human-Science Interaction in Natural Disasters Risk Management
Feb 2011 19

The interaction between physical sciences and humanities is nowhere more intricate than in the study of causes and effects of earthquakes. Obvious and not-soobvious interactions that change with time and space provide an amazingly fertile field for cultivating and harvesting people’s ingenuity and resilience. Who would think that there is a relationship between artesian wells and earthquakes? In his landmark lecture at the UK Institution of Civil Engineers in London in 1990, James Jackson (University of Cambridge) showed that earthquake fault movement may have caused the accumulation of underground water, which in turn attracted early civilizations to regions of the world that suffer repeatedly from earthquakes. The interaction between strong attractants and repellants was and still is in play, defining the location, and fate, of civilizations. California is an example of this intricate relationship, being the most seismic part of the United States, with strong and damaging earthquakes at about 20-year intervals, whilst being the largest state economy, and fluctuating between the sixth and ninth largest economy worldwide, had it been an independent state. Read more

Encounter Point
May 2011 15

Encounter Point

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This is the most pivotal matter plaguing society today and we have no say in even finding out the truth. My passport still says I cant visit Israel. I cant add much here.  Just that I really enjoyed the documentary and that we should have the right to be able to look into this matter ourselves.

A review from IMDB :

The success of Avni and Bacha’s Encounter Point at Tribeca and other venues may be attributable to its refusal to take sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It follows both Israeli and Palestinian members of an unfortunate “club”—–parents who have lost sons and daughters in the hostilities between the warring groups. They have formed a group that is attempting reconciliation among its own members first and then reaching out to bring about understanding on a national scale.

My attempt to make the summary above sound objective is clearly a failure. Even the summary takes sides. “Conflict” to many Israelis is too mild a word to describe what they term “acts of terrorism.” When death comes from the gun of an Israeli soldier, it is a casualty of war from the Israeli point of view, but Palestinians see it as cold-blooded murder. Thus, when I use “warring,” I am taking sides. And while I do not describe the group’s aims as “forgiveness,” “settlement,” “compromise,” or “appeasement,” by adopting the film’s use of the term “reconciliation,” I am suggesting equivalence between the two positions.

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Protected: Dear Jon Stewart
May 2011 28

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“I Am” a film by Sonali Gulati
Jun 2011 05

After the screening, we had a chat with Sonali via Skype. She seemed happy and content. And she didn’t sound like a documentary filmmaker. She sounded like someone straight out of Enid Blyton’s ” The Magic Faraway Tree”.  Maybe from the land of  “I-shall-prevail”.

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