Telling stories
Jan 2015 03

Telling stories

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Author Danny Scheinmann discusses  why stories work, the hidden structures behind them and how they can help your business to communicate effectively.

The ladder


 A simple device to remember how to tell an effective story is to think of a ladder. In fact you don’t even need to think of a ladder, there’s one right here…

At the top of the ladder are abstract ideas: love, ambition, hope, happiness.

At the bottom of the ladder are concrete examples: physical evidence of the above abstractions.

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Feb 2015 28

Video content is in its heyday as brands small and large test their production chops online. With YouTube attracting up to 1 billion unique visits each month and smart devices now streaming in HD, it’s pretty clear why so many organizations are flocking to the medium.

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My passage to Canada | via Medium
Jun 2015 06

When I sat down to write a story about my storytelling journey, I wondered why I even wanted to do that in the first place. I had certainly enjoyed telling stories over the past decade. So why do I even need to tell my story?

The trouble about thinking that far back, reaching into that crevice is that it invariably reminds me of the odds I have beaten to be where I am today. In that sense, it is not so different from many stories out there as we all go through a kaleidoscope of personal, professional and emotional changes, ups and downs in life. I thus realized I had a story similar to any out there. It is a story that has lead me through thick and thin.

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