What lies beneath: Tapping geothermal heat in Montreal
Dec 2011 06

Next spring, a 35-storey mixed-use office tower and condo project will be built at the mouth of the Quartier-International district of Montreal. From the outside, the Altoria will glisten like other glass towers in Toronto and Vancouver – but what lies below its foundation will help define the next generation of urban offices.

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Harp in the busy subway
Mar 2012 06

It’s been crazy.

Between my university sessions, the documentary and the ‘search’, I havent had time to breath. But I was reminded of the simpler things again last week when I stumbled across the harp musician again on the subway.

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Teen girls charged with pimping out 13 year olds
Jun 2012 12

Two 15-year-old girls are accused of forcing three teenage girls into prostitution in a case Ottawa police are calling “shocking.”

Police arrested the two teens Friday and Saturday and laid multiple charges after three separate incidents where girls between the ages of 13 and 17 were taken to multiple locations and offered to adult men for acts of prostitution.

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Apricots and the Queen
Jul 2012 11

I stumbled into ‘Playing for Keeps’ a week after my ‘Bike Host’ partner in crime Debby emailed me about the opportunity. It had been an exhaustive few months, and I almost didnt signup.

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