10 Reasons Why Video Works for Corporate Communication
Mar 2012 04

In-video had a very interesting post about corporate communication videos.

It is no longer astonishing that the average person will spend more than eight hours a day in front of a screen. Computers at work, TVs at home, smart phones, tablets, digital billboards, the list is long. Employees now expect that video will be a part of a company’s communication strategy, and for good reason. When executed properly, video saves time and money, it has the ability to inspire and motivate, and its success can be measured accurately.
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Toronto neighbourhood games
Oct 2012 11

Sometimes when people say, “You had to be there,” they’re not kidding.

Skipping, egg-and-spoon races, hula hoops and hopscotch at King and Bay, Toronto’s flinty financial heart!

Not only should you have been there, the Toronto Community Foundation wouldn’t have minded if you’d joined in — c’mon, put down that briefcase and pick up a spoon — with the flash-mob giving downtown a brief taste of Playing for Keeps.

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Feb 2015 28

Video content is in its heyday as brands small and large test their production chops online. With YouTube attracting up to 1 billion unique visits each month and smart devices now streaming in HD, it’s pretty clear why so many organizations are flocking to the medium.

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DIY Lens Hood
Mar 2015 02

DIY Lens Hood

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Lens hoods are annoying to lose and even more annoying to replace. For a bit of plastic, they can range from $20, to even $600 (Canon lens hood for the EF-600mm IS USM lens). What if I told you that you can make your own lens hood for less than $5 and in less than 15 minutes?


This is a short but nifty tutorial from Lens Hoods. This site offers lots of free printable lens hoods for various cameras and models.

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