The Stoning of Soraya M – Review
Apr 2011 17

In a dusty village in Iran, a man wants to be rid of his wife, Soraya, so he can marry his mistress (and avoid alimony). So, to cover up his own adulteries, he accuses his blameless spouse of infidelity.

Outraged, she tries to bring her own charges. The mayor informs her that different standards apply. Her husband can stand mute and be presumed blameless, but as a woman, she has to prove she didn’t do it.

“So, all women are guilty and all men are innocent,” her aunt Zahra bitterly observes.

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Of being an open living book at Hart House
Dec 2012 13

The last time I at University of Toronto’s Hart House  was during the ‘Hot Docs 2012 Forum. While I was just an observer, I was still overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the occasion. The Forum features two days of public pitches from filmmakers looking to raise money from a table of assorted international commissioning editors, and between this event in the spring and its autumn counterpart – the IDFA Forum in Holland – some of the year’s biggest documentaries get funded.

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